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Amanda McGarry Professional Beauty . PMU . Training is a prestige beauty business in the Cumbernauld area, offering you specialised treatments bespoke to you.

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At Amanda McGarry Professional Beauty . PMU . Training, Amanda prides herself on offering exceptional services using the skills and experience she has gained as well as the best products available. Amanda has an HND in Beauty Therapy (2002) and since then she has spent years studying for her continual professional development, she has trained with respected industry leaders for every treatment she offers.  You can be sure you are in expert hands.

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Semi Permanent make up known as Micropigmentation or cosmetic tattooing is perfect for creating natural looking brows using a range of techniques to enhance your look and frame your eyes beautifully. Rest assured you are booking with a safe, hygienic and licensed clinic. Book a complementary consultation appointment and patch test prior to your appointment to ensure this treatment is right for you and have all your questions  answered and discuss what Amanda brands as "The 5 S's" - Shape, Size, Shade, Symmetry and Style to ensure your delight. 

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From £49 - £135

Do you suffer from oily acne prone skin or scarring you would like to improve the appearance of?  Is your skin dry or dehydrated and needing nourished to feel supple and smooth?  Do you have fine lines and wrinkles you would like replaced with toned plump skin? Do you suffer from pigmentation? Amanda offers everything from dermaplaning to micro needling and from skin peels to rapid rejuvenation. You can have a facial treatment tailored to your needs or a course of treatments that's just right for you. Book in for your skin consultation now.

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Would you like to give your natural lashes the wow factor? Amanda is an expert in this treatment and an official trainer for Beautiful Brows and Lashes. Lash Bomb is lash lift and tint treatment to enhance your own lashes by lifting them from the root and darkening them, this treatment never fails to give exceptional results, it lasts for around 6 weeks and is perfect for everyday not to mention a pre holiday must have! 

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The ultimate eyebrow treatment to make the most of your natural brows! Amanda is an official HD stylist. This treatment tints even the lightest brow hairs, removes excess brow hair using a combination of waxing, tweezing and threading, maps out the perfect brow shape for you and is finished by applying HD products to give your desired bespoke look. Regrowth programmes are available with every treatment.

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From £50/session

This service is ideal to lighten and remove old semi permanent make up and small tattoos.  It involves tattooing a saline solution into the area which pulls out old pigments and it comes away in the scabs following treatment. It is normally carried out over several sessions 8 weeks apart. Full consultation and patch test required ahead of treatment. 



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P A T C H    T E S T I N G  Q & As
 Q: How do you patch test for treatment that require it such as Lash Bomb, Brow Bomb, HD, Tint, Henna and Tattoo pigments?
A: The patch test procedure for lifting products is to apply a small amount of step 1, step 2 and step 3 as well as a little of the bonder on the inside of the left forearm and cover it with micropore tape. 
For HD, tint, henna and semi permanent pigments you will have the colour/colours that will be used on you at your treatment mixed and placed on the inside of your right arm. 
(I use your left arm for lift products and and your right for tints, henna or tattoo pigments)
This way you have been tested every product that will be used on you during your treatment. 
The micropore tape can be removed after 20 minutes at which point the skin will not have any product residue on it apart from some staining from tint. For lifting products, HD and tint I advise you not to wash the area or apply any other products to that area for 24 hours and keep a close eye on the area for 48 hours.  For Henna it is slightly different and Henna residue should be washed off after 20 minutes with warm water and wiped with cotton wool as Henna is quite grainy, you would still monitor the area for 48 hours afterwards.
Q: How long in advance of the treatment must I have a patch test?
A: The minimum time to have a patch test with me ahead of your treatment is 48 hours.
Q: Will I need a patch test if I have never visited your clinic before?
A: Yes
Q: How often should I be patch tested thereafter?
A: You will have a patch test before you have any treatment for the first time, again if you have not had a HD, tint, lash lift or brow lamination treatment with me using these products in the past 6 months or sooner if either your medication has changed or if anything has changed with your health. Henna is the exception which you are required to have a patch test for 48 hours prior to every treatment. 
Q: How long should I wait for a patch test after my Covid vaccine?
A: You should wait 2 weeks after you have received your vaccine before getting patch tested. This is because the vaccine triggers an immune response in order to work so to allow it time I recommend waiting the 2 weeks afterwards before getting your patch test or any of these treatments.
Q: Why do you not patch test behind a clients ear?
A: The rational behind this is
1) A client may not notice if they had a very minor reaction
2) If my client had an extremely severe reaction to the patch test behind the ear is very close to their throat, airway and brain therefore it would be a dangerous place for swelling to occur. 
Q: I have been getting the same products/treatment with another salon, do I still need to patch test?
A: Yes. Every new client to me will require a patch test by me.  
Q: Does a patch test guarantee a reaction will not occur in the future? 
A: No, a patch test is done to mitigate the risk of a reaction, as a professional I have a duty of care to keep my clients safe and a patch test is the best way to show due diligence. A person can develop an allergy at any time which is why regular patch testing is so important.
Q: What if I sign a disclaimer to waive my right to a patch test, can you do it without a patch test?
A: No. Clients waiving the right to a patch test does not in anyway take accountability away from me as the professional and these disclaimers mean nothing on paper in the eyes of the law.
Q: What am I looking out for after my patch test?
A: If there are any changes at all to your skin whether it be a small red mark, dryness, anything at all where it looks different to how it did at the time I done your patch test I want to know about it.
Q: What should I do if I think I'm having a reaction to a patch test?
A: Let me know straight away, depending on the severity reaction I may refer you to your local pharmacy, GP or hospital for medical advice.  
Q: How often do reactions happen?
A: Overall they are quite rare, but they do happen and every client I have had who has had a reaction to their patch test has been so grateful that I took the time to do one and save them from a potentially dangerous situation. 



Fully accredited training courses by ABT 

Become an accredited practitioner! Various dates available for small group training, 1:1 training and in salon training These are intense course covering: Consultations, introduction to each treatment, sensitivity testing, code of ethics and conduct, hygiene, PPE, eye anatomy, hair growth cycle, hair structure, product knowledge, medical conditions affecting suitability for treatment, how to carry out the full procedure safely, hints and tips on getting a fantastic results and more! You will receive pre course reading materials along with this fabulous kit.  Not only will you receive professional theory and practical training to allow you to carry out these treatments safely and to a high standard using these innovative products you will have ongoing support after the course until you master what you have learned to the most out of your investment.  An exam and two post course assessments will be required to be submitted ahead of gaining your certification so you can be assured that you will be a competent practitioner and recognised as such. Whether you are a therapist looking to offer this incredible treatment to your clients, looking to change career or learn a new skill to allow you to offer this treatment as an accredited practitioner please get in touch.


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From word-of-mouth recommendations to online reviews, more people in the Cumbernauld area are finding their way to Amanda McGarry Beauty . PMU . Training.  Schedule an appointment or get in touch

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